Introducing Digitally Printed Porcelain Tiles.

Shell & Pearl Ceramics is the first company in India to have launched its Digitally printed porcelain floor tiles. Being the pioneers in these technologies for more than a decade, we have the best expertise for Digital printing in India.

The creativity in design and hue and textures and finishing of our digitally printed tiles gives you a classic feeling of being close to nature without being claustrophobic. Our Digitally printed tiles creates an atmosphere of regal comfort, a symphony of pleasure, craft and style.

We are the first company in India to launch Digitally printed Porcelain Floor Tiles, keeping in mind the current trend and demand of the ceramics industry which is Digitally printed tile. We have introduced a wide range of digitally printed porcelain Tiles. We are using technology from XAAR – UK and HOPE – CHINA to roll out one of the best tiles in the world. Our JOVE tiles have been different in terms of printing, texture, surfaces and sizes. We are the first company in India to have produced 600 x 900mm Digitally printed floor tiles, which has revolutionized the whole concept of tiling in India, as earlier most of these were either imported from other countries or were not manufactured in India. Hence most of the people were having problems in the limited availability of deign options and on time delivery and consistency in availability of the product imported. Our tiles are designed by the best of Spanish designers, which gives our product a more International feel, hence the product is preferred by Architects and Interior Decorators. Our Avant garde quality in products has helped us get a very good response for our entire range of JOVE tiles.


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